Motionless dragonfly

im very worried as last night we found a beautiful green dragonfly who seemed to be stuck upside down on a saucer.  We very carefully dropped some water on the saucer and easily was able to turn him up the right way.  I popped him in a pot with a fig tree and we honestly thought he was on his way out- however, this morning he was halfway up the tree just sitting... I’m worried as he hasn’t flown off, and it maybe due to wing damage, yet his wings seem undamaged

what can I do to help this sad chap?

  • Hi Becca, I doubt there's anything more you can do for it than what you've already done. I think it's just a case of wait and see what happens.
    Dragonflies in their adult form only live for a few weeks so it may have reached the end of its time. If the wings are very silvery it might be a freshly emerged one but it's late in the season for that.
    If you can post a photo we may be able to identify it for you.



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  • Hi Tony,
    Thankyou for that! He seems to have gone as I just got home and no sign, so either he has flown! Or maybe been eaten by a hungry bird.. .