Giant grasshopper in my garden

Hello all. I live in Morecambe, Lancashire a coastal town in a fairly built up suburban area. We have medium sized gardens on my street. My garden has a wildlife pond and some small trees, my next door neighbours garden has been left to "go wild" and is an overgrown wilderness but most of the other gardens nearby have hard paving/decking/gravel surfaces. For the last week at night I have been hearing what sounds like a giant grasshopper coming from the hedges and trees at the bottom of my garden and in my neighbours garden. It is very hard to pinpoint where the sound is coming from as it seems to change direction. It is really quite loud and goes on for a few hours in the evening and through the night. I have played back sound of grasshopper warbler on my phone and it sounds identical so I can only assume it is said Grasshopper warbler. I have lived here for 15 years and never heard this before. The birds we usually get in our gardens here are of the more common garden variety: millions of sparrows and starlings, goldfinches, tits, blackbirds, collared doves, robin, dunnocks and wood pigeons. It seems very strange that such an exotic bird as the grasshopper warbler would show up in Morecambe. There are no reed beds etc in immediate vacinity. Does anyone know anything about the grasshopper warbler and its habits or why it is hanging about in such an unlikely part of town? Thanks.

  • Hi Jane

    The ones on my patch like a grassy banking with brambles and small trees/shrubs.

    They never seem to come up above more than 4 or 5 feet off the ground.

    Here's a video I got of one