Please can someone tell me how long a house sparrows nest is in use? The sparrows have made a lovely nest between our house and the telephone wire which we now need some work on. It’s been there 3 months. Many thanks

  • Hello Norma, sparrows can have 3 broods a year, occasionally maybe 4. Their main nesting season is April to August. I would say it is too soon to remove the nest, it is actually illegal to do so, even although the young have now fledged. That is why you wait until the Autumn to take down and clean out boxes, and tidy up old nests.

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  • In reply to Catlady:

    Ah thank you that’s obviously why they are still hanging around and protecting their nest. I will wait until Autumn. I feel quite flattered they chose my house to make a nest and it’s been made so well.
  • Hope you enjoy more babies, and different ones next year.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.