Going out my mind!

Constant call in my meadow/woodland garden near Forest of Dean. Slow up slur rising fifth repeated constantly. Each call lasting just over 1 second with 1 second + between calls.  Can someone return me to sanity by identifying what it might be?

  • I'm afraid at this time of year, "constant call" is likely = youngster waiting for food. Worth recording and posting, but might be difficult if it is a youngster.
  • Describing birds calls/songs is very difficult because it can mean different things to different people. I think the only way we have a chance of identifying it is to get a recording. Even then, as Robbo says, it may not be easy or possible.
    A recording on a phone might do it although the quality is often not very good. A better option if you have a camera with a video function would be to point it in the general direction because it will still record sound even if you can''t see the bird.



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