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Hello! I have just made a childhood dream come true and bought, with Hubby Paul, a little house with a canal at the bottom of my garden, The Leeds Liverpool. We have, or more correctly had, so many feathered friends come to visit over the last few weeks since we moved in, countless ducks, geese, three Mutes and a couple of coots. But alas we have been deserted!!!!! Despite the research we did on what to feed them, everyone seems to love porridge oats, we haven't seen a goose in about four weeks? We had a pair, Elvis and Priscilla, that use to lounge about on our mooring all day, didn't mind if we sat with them and were quite tolerant, but they've disappeared? All but a half dozen ducks have stuck around and the Swans appear daily but not a single goose or the coots? Where have they gone? Do they "time share" the waterways? Will they return this year at some point or will we not see them now till next year?

Very bemused!!!

  • Hi Dizzy welcome to the community from Sheffield.
    It sounds like you live a cracking house with the canal at the bottom of your garden.
    It is a funny time of year for the birds now, after breeding a lot will start moulting their feathers so will probably be laying low until they finish, hopefully you will get them back once they've finished, it sounds like nothing has frightened them off.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Hello Alan, thanks for the reply, I've learned something new already!!!! I didn't know they did that, I suppose I assumed they shed all year round. I hope they come back soon my garden is soooooo quiet at the moment!!! X
  • You will certainly see birds such as Robins and Blackbirds in moult and you can google Mallards in eclipse.

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  • Hello Dizzy welcome to the community, it sounds nice where you live. My robin is in the moulting stage, even though Sparrow's are still breeding in Essex


  • Hi Wren! Yes the sparrows are "still at it" in Blackburn too, lol!!! At first I thought they were adults in moult but then they start to twerk and act all cute and vulnerable and along comes Mother with dinner I've also learned that ducks, or more precisely, our ducks don't like lettuce, peas or rice but do go mad for porridge oats and wild bird seed!! X