Had to stop feeding birds due to rats

I live in a very urban area my,house is on a very busy main road. At the back of my house there are four huge trees that have many birds nests in them. I have a small back yard with three large fern trees, ivy and lots of plants. Two years ago I started putting feeders out for them.

rather quickly birds began nesting in the fern trees. Robins, blue tits, sparrows, starlings and wood pigeons began using the feeders. It became like a scene from hitchcocks the birds. It was lovely seeing the same birds using the feeders. However 2 days ago I noticed a crack in the fence 4 baby rats came out. I took away all the feeders. I’ve made it as uncomfortable as possible for them in the hope they will leave (if they don’t soon I will get the professionals in). 

My big worry is the wood pigeons they still visit and wait on the roof facing my house. When I go out in the garden and come back in they come straight over to garden to see if I’ve left them anything.  I’ve just looked out my window onto the road and they are all over the place looking for food. They have nearly been hit by cars and buses pecking the road. I feel so bad. Will they be ok as no other neighbours have feeders.

Its really got to me having to stop the feeders, I kept the area and feeders clean every day. 

  • Sorry no one has replied to this. Obviously in an urban environment, rats are a big possibility when feeding birds. I would say that obviously if birds are reliant on humans to manually feed them, it suggests an unsustainable population.
  • Sorry for the long winded ramblings for a simple question. It was so upsetting last night seeing them going into the on coming traffic. I’ve just been outside they were waiting on the tree opposite my house. I felt terrible so I put the feeder on a tray on top of my garden table and let them have some seeds, they came straight over to eat as soon as I went in. I think I’ll remove it around 6 then put it back out in the morning.
    Thanks very much for your help.
  • Sounds a decent idea and compromise.