Nuthatches vs Woodpeckers


HAZY was telling me that woodpeckers and corvids like to eat nuthatch eggs/chicks, and I was wondering if anyone else had any recorded cases or examples of this happening?


  • Definitely worth considering a nest box. I know they take to them, though obviously entrance hole needs to be larger than a typical blue tit box.

    Re your question, I can't answer it as I don't often see juveniles either at home, or when out and about. Not seen any predated.
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    There are so many nestboxes! They always get robbed by bees and tits and sometimes the odd robin. We have nuthatch boxes, but bees usually steal them.
  • Morning Kizzy,   the corvids and GSW's will predate any egg or nestling not just Nuthatches !     With regard to suitable nuthatch nest-box,   we bought 4 woodstone ones like THIS and had two pairs of Nuthatches using them.   The hole needs to be 32mm but they will narrow that entrance hole themselves with mud front door !    


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    I thought that. I had seen corvids attack all sorts, but I didn't know that GSWs had that side to them!

    Thanks for the nestbox tip, I will definitely buy one, hopefully that will help them.

    Thanks Hazel,
  • Yep. I've heard of them breaking into tree creeper nests and eating tree creeper chicks.
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    Mark Hi said:
    Yep. I've heard of them breaking into tree creeper nests and eating tree creeper chicks.

    You might be referring to a Chris Packham pgm....can't remember if it was Springwatch or something else. Showed a GSW smashing into the treecreeper nest and young treecreepers fleeing everywhere.

  • Yes. I think it was from last year Springwatch, but they have another treecreeper nest this Springwatch with another GSW who has found the nest.