Want to get the view of the RSPB on otters and how their very successful reintroduction to our lakes and rivers is now decimating our waterfowl. I am lucky enough to live by a lake and river (River Nene) and have had to watch (again) our resident family of otters completely destroy all the new young bird life in the area! Goslings, signets, ducklings it doesn’t matter what it is the otter has them all! We have watched our resident swans hatch out 7 signets and now they have all gone despite their valiant efforts to keep the otters away (and we have watched this first hand) I know nature is nature and it is often a cruel thing but the serious point here is that it is destroying our river and lakeland bird life and unless something is done about this, there won’t be anything left!

  • Otters being a species that is ~fairly~ threatened, the fact that they have been successfully reintroduced into an environment is in some ways a blessing. Because of this, even though in your area the birds are potentially coming under attack, there are plenty of other waterways that don't have otters that are thriving... It's a bit of a catch 22 situation because I understand that otters can be quite destructive, but that they are there is pretty cool!!