Flightless Jackdaw in garden - can I do anything?

Hello everyone! I registered to ask for a bit of help regarding a Jackdaw that has been in my garden for a few days now. I'm pretty clueless on the topic of birds to be honest so I thought I would inquire with people that might be better equipped to deal with this.

Basically this Jackdaw has been hopping and walking around my garden for around 3 days now. He seems to be the same size and feather tone as the others (thus I presume he's an adult though I'm not sure of course). I've been leaving food and water out for him on the ground because he's unable to reach the bird feeder or bird bath.

From what I've read, if he's a juvenile he should have parents coming to feed him but he seems alone all day. He hides behind plant pots and just sits there for a long time, and it seems that he's sleeping on the ground in the garden too.

His wings seem even and he doesn't seem to have any obvious deformities, though the feathers on his back look a little puffed out and uneven. His movement on the ground is normal.

At this point I fear that one of my neighbours cats will get to the little fella if I can't help him out, is it best to just leave him to whatever he is doing or should I be trying to get him medical help?

Many thanks.

  • Hi hermanjnr and welcome to the community forum,     If it is a young Jackdaw it will have pale blue eyes rather than grey and they have less grey on their nape (back of the neck).        Jackdaws do tend to forage a lot on the ground hunting for insects in the soil/grass but if it is not flying at all then there may be a problem.    I first try to see if the bird can fly by going out, clapping my hands to shoo it and see if it can take off  -   if so, there is no need to worry at all, if it can fly up to a tree or fence then it can find shelter and safety.      If it doesn't react and continues to remain on the ground, especially if you can approach it,  then it may be injured, be temporarily stunned or a juvenile that has only recently left the nest.    If it can fly then I would withdraw food and water to encourage it to move on and find it's family group unless you see other jackdaws in your garden;   adult Jackdaws pair up for life usually and tend to stick together;   if this is an adult it may have lost its mate.      If the bird remains on the ground and you don't see it flying at all and think it is roosting on the ground then I would contact your local wildlife centre for advice  HERE


    Regards, Hazel 

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