a pair of pigeons

hello :)

over the past few days my mum had been complaining of a bird waking her up at night..

This morning we've found two pigeons under her bed! flying in and out all day - at one point they were both outside so i could shut the window, you guessed it - they were at my windowsill in no time! With them making really loud noises outside for a few hours this morning, my mum had opened her window - 

they are back,

quite a cute white, grey and black one hasn't left for hours - really chilled out 

Standard pigeon (male im guessing) has been coming back and forth all afternoon. He hasn't bought any twigs etc for a nest yet..

I'm really stuck on what to do, as we don't really want pigeons under the bed...

suggestions please....

  • Oh dear Hollie, what a situation, you certainly do not want pigeons under the bed! Not sure what to suggest, if you know for sure that there is no nest there, I would say close the wndows. Hopefully you will get advice from others who will know more, or what to advise. Good luck.

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