Yellow Garden Visitor


We had a recent friendly visitor to our garden. This bird very distinctive with yellow plumage, approximately the size of a house sparrow with similar mannerisms and not afraid to get up close. Eating from the top of dandelion flowers. A close up photo below if anyone can help identify it. We thought Serin but it appears to be slightly too large and more vivid in its colour with a distinctive  white tail and bright yellow plumage.

  • Hi steelen3b,
    Assuming you're in the UK (not everyone who posts is) it looks like an escapee. First impressions is that it's a type of canary. That might account for its tameness. Was there any sign of a ring on its leg?



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  • Tony was spot on there. That's a border canary. Someone must be missing him!
  • Are you able to capture this bird & pop into a cage?  Maybe entice it with some canary seed mix!


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  • I am convinced large numbers of escapees have deliberately been released by misguided individuals. I suspect it didn't have a leg ring.
  • Hi thanks to all that replied. I didn't see any ring on his leg. The canary has not been back since the first sighting.
  • Captive birds that are released often don't last long. I can't think of any valid justification in doing it. If predators don't get them (which is very likely due to bright colours and tameness & lack of fear of danger) cold Winters & lack of food will.