Netting of our trees and hedgerows

Hello. I’m a long term member of the RSPB and my daughter is also a long term member. As many of you also we feel very passionate and protective of our birds and wildlife. I’ve been voicing concerns, discussing in other forums and investigating ways to take direct action against this disgusting netting which is on the increase! What is the RSPB doing to save birds from the cruel methods of netting? British people are standing up in defiance against councils and land developers who continue to use vast swathes of netting which is killing our birds, wildlife and the habitat that they heavily rely on. What is the RSPB doing as so far they remain silent and useless in this pressing issue?  Birds are dying as are also hedgehogs and other small mammals. Is the RSPB sitting on the fence? 

  • I got this E yesterday "Dear James Bennett,
    Parliament is going to debate the petition you signed – “Make 'netting' hedgerows to prevent birds from nesting a criminal offence.”. "


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    Hi Jim

    Thanks. Did you see the result of this debate? I was sent a video link to the circus debate and it was rejected. They feel new house building is of greater importance.
  • When the killing of grouse for "sport" is deemed acceptable then I'm afraid there is no way our elected representatives will do anything about the netting issue. Ian
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    It’s all very sad isn’t it? I heard shotgun blasts this morning near the woodlands and which was scaring the birds. Middle of nesting season and shooting went on for two hours or more. I phoned 101 as the woods are used by walkers and I live in a conservation area. I was told that the shooting was from a Clay Pigeon Shoot apparently a regular monthly Sunday shoot and located next to the woods on land owned by the Earl of Plymouth.
    I was livid as I’ve lived here two years and not heard it before. Plus the birds are busy nesting. Surely this shouldn’t be allowed. Is it legal?
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    Birdsong10 said:
    Surely this shouldn’t be allowed. Is it legal?

    Firstly, before I answer you Birdsong ……. I assure you that I am not the Police (in reference to your rather sharp reply on another thread to Robbo  !! )        There are clay pigeon shoots all over the country and one in particular that I think about is situated next to one of RSPB's prime nature/bird reserves at Leighton Moss in North Lancashire.     As we sit in the hides we often hear the rifles going off quite loudly,  mainly at weekends,  but thankfully only "clay" is shot and not real pigeons.   LM has a significant and important variety of species including Bitterns, Marsh Harriers and all manner of wading and woodland birds which continue to thrive there despite the clay pigeon activity and noise close by.    Another example is at RSPB Burton Mere Wetlands on the Wirral in Cheshire which I believe has a police/military firing range down near the salt marsh area.      Just because the noise is loud and can be irritating to us humans I can't see why you think it should be illegal.    Birds often get "scared" by all sorts of things but usually return and eventually get used to the various noisy pursuits of humans.        


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  • I agree with Hazy. Clearly, there are some situations where clay (and any other target) shooting is wrong. Most obvious examples incl during Winter when any avoidable disturbance is unwelcome. Banning clay pigeon shooting is not a good idea, and clearly if it's not banned, it has to be done somewhere away from populous areas. The only birds fleeing the sound of gunshot this time of year in wooded areas are usually corvids and pigeons.