I haven't heard the cuckoo yet.

Are they still on their way or moved away?

Living in Scotland, every year I did hear them. Any idea?

Ta, Su

  • Hi Su
    I should say they are probably only just getting up that far North, I'm in Sheffield and haven't heard one yet so far.

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  • Hi Su,     Here is a link to the Cuckoos that have been tagged and that BTO are tracking to give you an idea of whereabouts some of the cuckoo's are at the moment as they make their progress back to UK from Africa.    


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Thanks.
    What a quick response, much appreciated.
    Great link, thanks again.
  • I spent the whole of Friday out in the garden listening to one call. So they have reached the Channel Islands on their move through


    Cin J

  • At least one has been heard and seen (not by me) on my local patch in Berkshire. I read also that one has been heard at RSPB HQ at Sandy in Bedfordshire so they are on their way.



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  • One was reported in Lancs over the holiday period that I know of. I never heard it when I went and looked - typical -but it sounds like they are just now beginning to arrive.


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  • As frecorder for our little local club I have been told of at least 4 individual Cuckoos in our patch of North Yorkshire so they will be heading you way at a great rate of knots,keep listening !!


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  • Thank you all, much appreciated.
    Will let you know when they arrive
  • Heard three separate cuckoos last week in the Baie De Somme area, Northern France. Guess they are on their way North so hopefully any day now!!!
  • Cuckoo update

    Cuckoo arrived !!
    Me - impatient ....

    Thanks again