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So I'm not a birdy type of person and it's a good job the bird I'm querying about is a blue tit or I'd not know what it is, but anyway.....

So sat on my step this morning wuth the dog having a cup of tea when I notuce 3 blue tits scuffling 10 feet from me. I at first thought it was just about mating rights as I've noticed the ducks are chasing each other constantly at the moment and thst looks like jealousy so...... however it turned out this little fella on the floor was actually not really fighting back and was being pecked really viciously by the other two, he was completely submissive so I jumped up, put the dog inside and went over to help it.

It allowed me to pick it up without any struggle at all, so figured he's very sick, or just glad to be out of that situation.

I quickly shouted on my daughter to get a box and make a nest out if toilet roll, which she did and is where he's now relaxing in darkness.

I've dropped a couple of drops of water onto his beak with a dropper and he's just sitting there. Heart looks like its pounding heavy. He has lost hair on his forehead and he looks like one of his eyes is in a bad way.

Nature is very cruel and I hate finding things like this as you feel obligated to do the right thing for it, however it's a bird. If it was a dog I'd beable to help but this is beyond me.

So can anyone tell me what to do. I'm prepared to drive it anywhere within reason if there is a place to take it. I'm from Northumberland. Or is there a standard process for this kind of thing. I'd like to give the little fella a fighting chance but have no idea it this is a baby, an OAP or the runt of a litter or somesuch.

Can anyone help me please, I'm completely clueless?

  • Hi Martin well done on rescuing the little fella, try ringing the RSPCA to see if they will fetch it or look here to see if there s somewhere local to you
    Only other thing is a local vet if you have one they will usually treat wildlife for free.

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  • Thanks for the response Alan.
    So there was no shelter or real further advice from the womsn I spoke with other than to but it outside where I found it and hoped it recovered.
    Well I wasn't about to do that and risk the little thing get pecked to death or a cat snack, so I kept it in the box fed it a dropper of water every 30 mins for an hour or two in the hope it would give me a sign it was recovering rather than submitting. And after about 2 hours I heard a little rustling coming from the box, which I took as a good sign, at least there was some energy there now albeit probably scared.
    So I thought next step get it where it can leave safely if up to it. So I went out the back garden, opened the box gently and sat it on to of the bins. It just sat in the corner for about 20 seconds and as soon as I moved out of its sight it flew out the box and went and sat on the branch in the garden, turned around to facr me and just sat looking at me for a good 3 minutes before flying off over the fence and into freedom looking good, bar the bald spot and sore eye I suspect.

    There's something wonderful inside when you save wildlife, nature is cruel, but on occasion it'd not wrong to step in, and it's good to have given the little fella another shot at life.
  • Great to hear the good news Martin, well done & thanks for caring!


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  • Well done Martin, lovely to hear about this success thanks to thoughtful kind people like you. As you found, sometimes birds after suffering trauma just need a quiet, safe place to recover and then gentle release back into the wild. I had a great tit once that stunned itself when it hit the garage side window; I picked it up off the patio, placed it at the back of some plants in a hanging basket attached to the garage wall and kept a watchful eye on it from a distance. 15 mins later it recovered enough to fly off with a chirp ! As you say, it's a lovely feeling when they fly off back into the wild.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again"