Birds feeding from my hands

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    Jill F said:
    Thanks "catlady" 2nd time lucky. Thanks for the tip.
    Is there a way to increase the font size or type i.e. italic, or bold 

    Hi Jill, yes you can do these things and more. Click the use rich formatting, as you did when you went in to add the photo. Once in there, you have format in the top row, to change the style and on the bottom row, normal, changes the size, then both letter A's are your text  and background colours ect. 

    Edit. if you want to quote as I have done, this is a little bit of a fiddle (since the update) but easy once you get the hang of it. Because I wanted to quote you and you were the last to post, this can not be done anymore, but you can if you do the following. First you have to hit reply and put a letter or a single something in the box and then post, then you can go to the post you made that I want to quote (second last post), use rich formatting, hit quote and your quote will now go into the box, when you add your text and post, your quote will now be hightlighted. You then can delete the post with the single letter in it. If you don't  do this and just quote from the last post, it will pick up the first post on the thread. 

    Hope this makes sense!

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