Help with robins please

Hi, we have robins nesting in a bird box on our fence. It is right by our lawn where the kids play so i am wondering if we can mow the lawn or will this upset the robins?

I don't want them to abandon the nest!

Any other advice would be greatt, thanks.

  • If the box is up high or it is well hidden, the robins should be fine. They will be used to the comings and goings about your house, also cutting the grass should not be a problem. I have had robins nest in the garden and either the push or ride on mower, which is noisier, bothered them. Leave the nest well alone, don't go poking in about it and hopefully you will see the babies later on in the year.

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  • Thank you. The nest box is on a 5ft fence out in the open. It was in shrubs as the previous owners put it in but we stripped it all back. Perhaps if we don't now too close?
    I have placed toys strategically around the edge to stop our son going too close and his dad lol
  • I am guessing the nest box is open fronted? Were the shrubs removed/cut back recently?

    Lawn mowing shouldn't be a problem unless it takes hours. Likewise, activity a few feet infront the nest shouldn't be an issue if it's brief. However, an open fronted nestbox in full view, on a fence, is running a big risk of predation. (if the box is used later in the year, it would also potentially have heat related issues, but not a problem for this nesting attempt at this time of year).
  • We cut the shrubs 2 years ago when we moved in and the box has been deserted up until now. The robins have always been in the garden, not sure if it's always the same pair but we had one when we moved in who sat by our patio doors and stared in when we ate dinner. Then it became 2 and last year we had them bring their babies in for food.
    The box has a small hole and then some wire mesh with a small hole creating like an entrance way. I don't believe they have many predators in our garden so should be safe enough.
    We should be able to cut the lawn then which is great. And when they abandon the nest we shall move the box. I told my other half we should move it about a month ago lol.
    Thanks for your reply