Starling Murmurations in County Durham

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Near where I live, in a place called Whorlton, there is the most fantastic starling murmuration. I haven't seen one before and was absolutely amazed - they were right over our heads (fortunately I was wearing a coat with a hood!) However, where they roost is on private land and the owner wants to pull the hedges down. I've just done a bit of research and it sounds like all avenues are being explored as the MP and County Council are involved. It is fantastic - I highly recommend seeing it - and want to check if anyone has any advice about what I should do

Here is a link to the story

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  • Hopefully they can come to a compromise and see out the rest of this winter, which looking by the change in the weather and the way some of the other birds are behaving won't be long now.. Have they roosted there for years or not. I know that there are places that have had Starling roosts previously that have been abandoned in later years or even later in the winter. For instance I dont think Gosforth Park Nature reserve is still getting Starling roost that it was getting in November




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    I think they've been using the site since 2014. Good point - if the worst does happen it is a rural location and hopefully they can (or even choose to) roost nearby. I didn't know that about Gosforth Park Nature reserve but that is interesting.

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  • Sadly, money talks and nature walks....

    Yours is a plight I've heard all too often, and then folk wonder why so many species are in decline.

    Fingers crossed planners and councillors see sense, but I have my reservations if our local council, (especially now HS2 is being railroaded through here) is anything to go by.


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