Nature officials grant licences to shoot some of Britain’s most endangered birds

Hello, firstly I apologise if this is a topic already started, I had a look but couldn't find anything.

I wanted to know what everyone thought about this and also where the RSPB stands

Personally I'm appalled...I can't quite fathom how this has happened and I'm really concerned for the red list birds.

I've popped a couple of links on for you and look forward to reading any replies

Article from the Independent

The facts about licences for wild birds

  • Hi PTiggy

    Yep I've seen several posts on this on twitter, I'm not very happy about too.

    One explanation I've seen is it doesn't state how many licenses for one particular bird was stated and it could be a single bird inside something like a food factory, so would come under a hygiene problem.

    I'm still a bit dubious because it seems to me that we are always too quick to resort to a lethal method.

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  • I find the way we as a species of intelligence and great ability to adapt and preserve, deplorable the way we treat nature and the environment.

    There is all this press about many species becoming endangered and loosing their habitats, and yet, we set about to destroy them, when we claim to care!

    We have this incessant need to build in the countryside, desecrating it for nature and wildlife while we claim to need housing, roads and many other things. There is the confirmed desecration of the countryside with HS2 being railroaded through nature reserves, ancient woodlands, SSI's, ANOB's and many more, which I find deplorable.

    We need to work more with nature rather than keep shoving it to one side.

    I'll get off my soapbox quick before I upset anyone.


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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Thanks for your thoughts.....I just think about the petitions and protests we all got on board with when it came to Malta and their shooting laws. It seems as if we're now just as bad.....sad times indeed

    I would love to hear the RSPBs take on all of this...

  • I read the article elsewhere and sent it off to a friend and she has forwarded it to the RSPB, who will already be familiar with it of course.

    I must say that some organisations do have very misleading names... Natural England and suchlike 

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