Save Askham Bog near York

 Please sign an online petition with  Yorkshire wildlife trust.

This is a beautiful ancient Bog which is under threat from developers. It will leave wildlife cut off from the Bog 

David  Attenborough described as a treasure and iirriplacable.

There are only a few days left before the council make a decision please support it

  • Well done on posting this Bev I've been following on Twitter so have already signed, hopefully the others will sign the petition.

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  • I've signed but how much notice they will take of me as I'm in the South of England. However I'm a member of my local Wildlife Trust so it's worth a go.

    I notice the petition closes on 9th of January so not much time folks.



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  • I've signed too but hold out little hope with so few signatures and so little time left to sign


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Have added my twopenn'th, hope it helps!  Even further south than TJ but strong ties with Yorkshire/Derbyshire!


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  • My signature added to the petition. I'm in Leeds so not far away. Can only hope it has some impact though I have little confidence in Local Government especially in issues of an ecological nature. Maybe for once my doubts will prove baseless. Fingers crossed.