Bird in our garage ?

Hello, I keep hearing a noise when entering our garage. It sounds like a small bird, but I cannot find it. We have recently brought in a “pretty bird box “ in from the garden

that is painted up and wouldn’t weather very well, and we have gently looked inside (I have put tumble dryer fluff inside) but cannot see anything. My question is, with the mild weather

is it too early for birds to have eggs that have hatched ? If it is an injured bird taken refuge, should we try to help or will it frighten it too much ? Any advice welcome.

  • Hi June

    It is too early for birds to be nesting but they do use them over winter for roosting in especially birds like Tits and Wrens.

    Could you leave the door open for a while to see if one has got in and see if it will come out on its own.

    If it's a case of leaving it in to die I would take the chance of trying to find it with the door open so it can make a bolt for it.