Collard Doves & Pheasants Visiting

Just practicing posting and adding some photos. Here are a couple of a group/flock of around 10 collard doves who come to visit. Also pictured are some of the Pheasants, who come to feed daily. These photos were taken with my ipdd.

Hope this works

  • Thanks both, yes you said it, the corn soon dissapears, good job it is only around £8 for a 20kg sack!

  • I get the odd Collared Dove in the garden but I don't think I've seen that many together. I imagine they can knock back quite a bit of food, even without the help of any pheasants!! 

  • Certainly did work Catlady,  well done as I wouldn't have a clue how to extract the photo and load it on here straight from any other device other than my computer !      such a lovely update of your garden birdies and those beautiful collared doves.   Bet the bird seed is running out more quickly now the temperatures are dropping.