iPad users out there, this may help!

For any ipad users who like me use their ipad a lot, I have just discovered the following:

My ipad is an apple which has safari browser. When I was trying to post a photo, once I hit the reply box, I only had a few options, choose how to set out the print, left or centre, number your text, use bullet points and the TV screen. I hit the TV screen, and you can pick up your picture and post, but it is small. There is no other options (as Alan very kindly showed me earlier on today), no edit, insert etc, where you could re size your picture or pick up someone elses quote, in your post. BUT I have the puffin browser on my ipad also, as previously I could not see some live web cams although I can now, so I tried it to see if there was a difference. Hey presto there is!!!  When you hit reply there is now a much bigger choice of options, copy, cut, paste, select, edit, insert etc. Hopefully this is going to work for adding and changing the photo size and picking up other posts when wanting to use part as a quote. I am going to try and add a photo, with different sizes to see, fingers crossed!


Well bless my cotton socks, that seemed to work!!

I have to say the lay out via puffin looks a lot better, the writing is sharper and the whole thing looks less cluttered, I have also just discovered that you can pinch the screen now and make everything bigger or smaller. Safari did not like any youtube videos, it would not play in full screen, so maybe it will work on puffin. 

Oh well have learned something new!

Hope this makes some sense and may help out others on ipads.

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