Close encounter...

Hello everyone.

As the kind of person who enjoys nature but does not always know the names of creatures I come across, I have a little tale about one bird I do recognise and would love to here any feedback...

The Red Kite.

Visited Gibside, NT estate near Newcastle, wandered around and took pathway around the extremities.
At the top of the hill the view was incredible, looking North towards the Pennines over beautiful countryside. Noticed what appeared to be Red Kites high up on the thermals meandering across the sky. Spent quite a while just standing viewing from here, when I became aware of something out of the corner of my eye! A Red Kite was just over an arms length away coming straight for me with it's talons protruding from it's straight outstretched legs!!

It immediately backed off with backward flapping wings, I could feel the draft at this range from it's huge wings. It slowly climbed away.
I immediately thought wow that was amazing, then reality set in, that was lucky I turned towards it when I did as it could have caused some serious damage!
I am aware of the Red Kites normal eating habits and can only assume my grey beard may have been the target!
Would be interested to hear anyone else's thoughts.