Nesting Peahen

We have had a peahen sitting on three eggs for over six weeks. They are extremely unlikely to hatch as there are no peacocks in this area and its well over the incubation time. Does anyone know the least cruel way of dealing with this. Thinking about just removing the eggs??
  • Hi Karen I think if left alone she will eventually give up and leave the eggs, not being covered by the wildlife act you wont be breaking the law by removing the eggs.

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  • Hi Karen,   sorry I'm not an expert but can only make a suggestion depending on how suitable your place is to rear chicks.    I thought maybe you could substitute the three eggs with fertilised chicken eggs (if you have a local farmer or chicken breeder close by)  so she could continue to incubate and fulfill her natural instinct.     At least this reply will bump your post up again and maybe someone with more knowledge of Peahens can help.