Sealing a. Bird bath

Hi I have a bird bath in my garden is very old and made from sand stone , I currently have a stainless bowl sat on it to hold the water as the water seems I’m guessing soak through the sand stone after a day or so , can anybody recommend some kind of sealer that I could just apply to the bowl to prevent water from escaping instead of me using the stainless bowl. Thanks

  • What makes you think it's seeping away? Our bird bath sometimes gets emptied twice a day when the pigeons and starlings (and sparrows to a lesser degree) decide it's bath time, and have a splash-fest! (And it's fab to watch lol)

  • A very valid point from PimperneBloke, and depending on the weather and how muddy or not the feeding grounds the birds use are, could mean some days they bathe more than others.

    Also, in the days when I had hair, I used to feel quite uncomfortable if I just dried rain soaked hair and often felt the need to wash my hair and dry, so it could also be, even on the wettest of days, the birds like to freshen themselves after rain.

    I think the first question has to be, is the water disappearing as fast, or almost as fast from the stainless steel bowl?

    I did a search, but I'm dubious of using silicone sealer, mainly because in my workplace before I retired, the precautions all employees had to take while using silicone sealer, admittedly it was whilst applicating, were very stringent. Post application and dried silicone sealer, then normal handling applies. My concerns are if the birds break the dried silicone sealer.

    There may be someone out there that could give more information.


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  • In reply to Mike B:

    A post edit thought, while I can only comment on the weather here, which has been showery and blustery, while watching the fountain in the garden pond, the wind is blowing the water outside the pond edges.

    If its been quite windy where you are, the wind itself can have a drying effect, but its only a thought.


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