Nyjer seeds

Hi all, I am relatively new and though I have had bird feeders for a while, I bought a Nyjer seed feeder and the seeds last week.

While the other feeders have been devoured, it appears that not one nyjer seed has been consumed :(

is there a reason for this? how often should I change the seeds even though they haven't been eaten and how long should I keep on my bird feed station before I give up and take down for good?

  • I think sometimes birds are just really fickle. In our old house we had a communal garden and our neighbours had a nyjer feeder up, and it was consumed in a day or so. We fed sunflower hearts (no more than about 15 feet away from their feeder). When they moved they gave us their feeder, and their remaining seed, and not a seed was taken, but our sunflower hearts bill went almost double!
  • ‘Our’ goldfinches took a while to cotton on to the Nyjer feeder but now generally prefer it to sunflower seeds. This may be connected to the fact the nyjer feeder doesn’t have a squirrel guard fitted, mind.