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I'm not a per se a bird watcher but from time to time I notice different birds. Last Friday in the centre of Buntingford, wading in the River Rib, I saw what I believe to be a little blue heron. I'd never seen one before let alone heard of one. I understand they are native to North America and I haven't seen any references to sitings in the U K. Has anyone seen one in the U K themselves?

  • That would be an exceptional sighting in the UK. Little egret would be more likely. Are we talking dark or pale morph?
  • Thanks for your message. You are perfectly right in what you say. I rue not taking a photograph.
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    A friend has suggested it might have been a European egret. Possibly I missed the head detail. But to me it was blue all over.
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    Rowlly said:
    A friend has suggested it might have been a European egret

    The three species of egret that we get in the UK (ie. Cattle, Great and Little) are all pure white and are unmistakable. I would have thought what you saw was most likely to have been a Grey Heron. If it was wading in the river it may have looked smaller than if it had been fully visible. Like this for example.

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  • Considering the rarity of Blue Heron in the UK I would suggest, like others, that what you saw was a juv. Grey Heron.


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  • I was wondering about a juvenile or adult grey heron in poor light, particularly as egrets are generally white.

    With most smart devices today, you can get a crude photo with the added bonus if you have the GPS switched on, that should confirm your location. Many cameras will have GPS, but not that many.


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