What's this bird

The photos are taken in Chester yesterday. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help me recognize.

  • In reply to Robbo:

    I have the same one that comes to my area/garden around winter time each year and it’s absolutely huge, easily a wingspan of 5/6 feet and in the middle of a city albeit not city centre, he likes raw meat which I give him. All the birds come from everywhere and scream at him trying to get rid of him, I can go out and do a certain whistle and he comes knowing it’s grub time but had no idea what he was, he blends totally into the massive trees. To me he looked like an eagle type bird with his size, white necklace and all the white markings edging his wings when he opens them, he looked like the birds on Indian totem poles. I know nothing about birds except feeding them and creating safe spaces ti both feed and nest and trying to help them when they are injured which, turns into its own circus show with me running around using my sins fish keeper net as a lasso but, hey it works !So my big guy maybe a buzzard then!