My dad found  eggs in the garden we think they are Partridge , we are unsure on the age of the eggs. We saw some partridges at lunchtime. what should we do

  • As always, nests need to be left alone.

    Presumably they are red legged partridge?
  • we think they are, should we just monitor the nest
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    If you would like to. They aren't native and their population is booming. Deliberate nest disturbance is illegal for all bird species though.
  • how would we know if they are being looked after, there are 7 eggs there but they have be scattered over the place
  • Sounds like they aren't. Seems late for egg laying, but they are a strange species. Many stories I can tell, but just one for now is watching one in the front garden with a cat in pursuit. Watched the pair run around the garden, down the side, down the back garden........and eventually the red legged partridfe worked out it would be simpler to just fly off.....

    Whatever the state of the eggs, it is unlawful to getinvolved.