Dead Frogspawn

  • Oh, so that's not the answer then! Stumped now except ... have you considered cleaning pond completely & starting afresh with new rainwater?  I have done this a couple of times over the years!


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    That is exactly what my hubby thought we should do. Obviously cannot drain completely as we have fish, but we could syphon off a lot of water and clean as we go! An all day job I think
  • I agree that it is worth doing a partial water change. I did that anyway each year when I had fishes. Keeps nitrogen levels down. However, you said you had clear water and a pump & filter. You didn't mention an algae issue. You also have rudd which would be showing stress if water pollution is an issue. Sunlight isn't essential as over the decades, I have come across ponds in woody areas with tadpoles in. Prolonged cold can't have been the issue this year (though may have been last year?).Presumably you had more than a couple of frogs?
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    I reckon we must have had at least 24 frogs. It is really strange