Dead Frogspawn

For the second year running our frogspawn is not developing into tadpoles.  We have a medium size pond, depth about 4 feet.  We have lots of frogs laying lots of frogspawn (this year early March).  We created our pond about 12 years ago and have had successful frogspawn growing into froglets and small frogs.  We have frogs overwintering in our garden.  The frogspawn looks as if it is developing and then goes mushy.  We even took some frogspawn out of the pond and placed in tanks so that we could 'rear' them and replace back into the pond, but these have not developed either.  Is this a problem with the frogs?  

  • Had the frogspawn frozen at any stage? More likely issue is lack of oxygen. Is there a lot of algae?
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    We had cold weather, not frozen though. We have lots of oxygenating plants in the pond
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    Plants won't produce much oxygen in almost frozen water. Is that water clear, or lots of green and/ or murk and silt? Do leaves lay at the bottom of the pond? Are there large fishes stirring up sediment?

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    We had frozen water at the start of the year, well before the frogs were laying. The water is quite clear (we have a pump). Not many leaves as we net the pond in the autumn. I am sure there is silt at the bottom and we have 8 rudd (about 6 inches long)
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    If you leave the pump running, my lack of oxygen guess is wrong. I believe rudd need quite a bit of oxygen in the water too. Does the spawn lose its buoyancy and sink?
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    No it doesn't sink. It just turns mushy
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    Done! Thank you!!
  • A link for you if you've not already seen it
    You have to scroll down quite far to see what can cause mushy spawn ... insufficient light & warmth ... this is second time I've come across this as a cause!
    I had to relocate my little tadpole pond last year to enable hatching, had spawn in previous years which didn't hatch cos was too much in the shade!


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    Thank you for this. I will have a read. Our pond is in sun for most of the day. It is only in the past 3 or 4 years that we have not had any success. We are going to check PH levels in the pond, give the filter a good clean and take it from there