Swift Box construction

Hi, my father has made two Swift boxes for me, in preparation for this season.  I wondered if someone could help me understand what type of product I could paint on the wood to make it waterproof and preserve the wood which would not be poisonous to the Swifts?  Thanks in advance. Tina

  • Hi Tina,   I had a bit of a look online and found THIS which is safe to birds/wildlife and says it is approved by rspb.       I think brands like water-based "Cuprinol"  are also ok,  but definitely avoid products like creosote.   


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Defintely worth keeping the entrances blocked until early May. Otherwise, there is a risk other species, esp house sparrows, will take up residence. Had tree bumblebees nesting in one of ours last year. You probably already know, but it is likely to take some time before swifts find the boxes, and are site loyal.
  • Thank you Hazel and Robbo, I appreciate your guidance. Greatly appreciated. I saw on a website that Swift's prefer if the inside is painted black, have you heard of this before?
  • In reply to OB:

    I've not heard of that before, OB. The ones I know of aren't. I would have thought the insides would be dark inside anyway. Can't do any harm, so long as appropriate paint is used.