Can anyone suggest a good starter camera

Can anyone suggest a good starter camera for a new bird watcher. £200-£300 budget! I just want to get a really good crisp HD close up shot.

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    if weight is important check out reviews of Lumix bridge cams


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  • If you want to keep costs down, a bridge camera is probably the way to go - the Panasonic suggested by Seymouraves, one of the Canons, Nikon - they all make decent cameras. At that budget, you're probably better off looking at the second hand market though, you'd probably need to double the price to get something good for birding (you need a reasonable zoom to get the bird large in the frame). If you're after ultimate quality however, you're going to have to look at DSLRs or some of the Mirrorless options with interchangeable lenses (and that is a whole different price point). What sort of birds are you after and at what distance? A Buzzard in the garden is a lot less demanding on a camera than a Sparrow the other side of a field :-)


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  • In addition to the afore mentioned, also SONY make some bridge cameras.

    The best thing to do would be call in a a reputable camera retailer, have a look and handle some. The staff will be able to advise you based on your budget and photographic desires, and may even have a suitable used camera.


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