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Hi all

my other half is very kindly wanting to buy yours truly a new camera...an upgrade ..currently have Canon Powershot SX50 and looking at the Nikon P900...which seem a little hard to find new.  Found it an a website called wowcamera.com..or SLRHUT.CO.UK.....I was wondering if anyone had heard of them or used them before. Also if any suggestions on alternative cameras around £500- £600.

Any advise much appreciate


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  • Linda I would look at some of the reviews before you purchase a new camera
    I bought a second hand lens from jessops it was ex demo and it was advertised as mint and it was. They sell new and secondhand cameras. I have also used Harrison’s in Sheffield they too do new and secondhand.
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    Thanks ILR...its just that I dont always trust reviews are genuine!...We would need to go into town for Jessops...if its still there! ?? Internet is easier given the state of Scotland with local outbreaks here and in Glasgow...not worth venturing out for. ...unless they are online..duh ..linda!! lol

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  • Hi Linda look for Bob S in the videos thread or Hazels odds and sods he uses the P900.
    My brother in law got the same camera a few months back and loves it, I'm fairly certain he got his from wow camera but will check in the morning, I was a bit sceptical when he ordered it from which ever website it was but it arrived ok no problem in about a week.
    Will let you know tomorrow where he got it from.

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  • Just checked jessops in Glasgow is still there, you can buy on line too. Checkout the secondhand cameras as well you usually get a warranty and can save quite a lot from the new price.. the reviews on companies before you buy can be well worth having a look.
  • MPB have two in excellent condition used for £409

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Thanks Alan.... I eased dropped on you and bobs conversation the other day when Bob posted his great Stag pics and thats how I suggested to my other half about the P900 lol

    I know we would be covered if we paid by credit card if anything went wrong but still an unwanted hassel.

    Thanks again

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  • Hey Linda, before I got the dslr (Nikon d5600... entry level camera) I used a Panasonic fz150 bridge camera, similar to the P900, but not quite the same zoom. I think there is now a P1000 with even further zoom reach. The panasonic was great for not having to get too close to your subject, but there is a definite improvement in image quality with a dslr, even with just the kit lenses. I think I got mine with a 70-300 lens and a 18-55 lens for about £600 a couple of years ago.
    It depends what you want to do with the pictures once you've taken them, I've probably 15-20 on various walls taken with the dslr, but only a couple with the bridge camera. If you're not planning on decorating with them then a bridge camera's versatility is tough to beat.
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    Hi Linda, I've recently bought a second hand Canon 100mm macro lens from MPB and it was in mint condition, it might be worth looking at the 2 cameras Alan found on their website. I would use them again if needed. Good luck with your planned purchase.



  • It's worth looking in to the companies before deciding to give them your money - SLR Hut for example, state in their "About Us" section :- "Note: We prepay all duties required to get the product in your hands, you will never be required to pay any additional taxes to receive your order, VAT is never charged on any order"
    That rings alarm bells - it suggests they're not a straightforward retailer, but more likely operating in the grey areas of legislation (there are a few companies like that, Simply Electronics is another). The item is unlikely to be official UK stock (which is why any warranty will be from SLRHut most likely, not the manufacturer), but from an international source and technically, you would probably classify as the legal importer (SLR Hut being the Agent). Now plenty of people successfully buy from grey market sources like this, but only you can decide if you want to take the risk.
    Be wary about their stock too - I noticed on their site (as an example) they are selling the Canon 7D brand new. That camera has not been current for at least 7 years now (the 7D2 is the current version). So any "Brand New" 7D cameras must be very old stock! Or the product is left on the site as a hook - you "buy" the affordable 7D then they ring you up and say "Sorry, we cannot get it, we can offer you this more expensive model for just a little extra" and you can end up blowing your budget.
    Wow camera I know less about, but again, it isn't UK stock (check the warranty page - Canon/Nikon etc is a "UK Supplied Warranty" unlike the "UK HTC Warranty" which is obviously provided by the manufacturer). Their returns department (should you have any need to return the product after purchase) is in Luxembourg.
    At the end of the day, the choice is yours, but be aware you will not be buying genuine UK stock from a genuine UK company unless the price is on a par with the likes of WEX (who can be treated as the gold standard). This may not matter, the savings may be too irresistible, but now you know a few more of the ins & outs :-)
    The second hand route is definitely an alternative (MPB as mentioned are good, I've used them myself), and will come with a warranty as well


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  • That made very interesting reading, WJ. I must make sure Limpy reads this!

    For the record I'm now using a Canon 5D mark 2. How good is it? Well, I'm trying to work out how to have myself cybernetically attached to it because it is just so good! It's quite old and you'd quite possibly get it for a reasonable price second-hand.

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