Hi, I wondered if anyone could identify this bird for me please? A bit of total  beginner research leads me to think it's a female or young Sparrowhawk, but i'd love to know for sure. Working from home with a view over my back garden i've watched it take 2 crows (or Jackdaws?) in 2 days, pinning them down to the ground and finishing them off with its beak while the rest of the birds go crazy in the trees around it, occasionally dive bombing but unsuccessfully putting it off letting go of its catch. 

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks


  • Yes. As you say, looks like a female.
  • Female Sparrowhawks are formidable predators and can take down quite large birds as you've observed. The males are about 25% smaller than the females and tend to stick to birds like Blackbirds, Starlings or smaller.
    With so many people working from home they are seeing all sorts of species that they wouldn't necessarily know visited their gardens.



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