hi there i had a nest of four baby blackbirds and mum.and dad were regularly feeding them. They are fledglings now. But early hours it sounded like one of the parents were sending out a distress call that's going on this evening but not as bad.

i looked at the nest and there's one fledging in there but has hopped out of the nest but i can hear the baby in the tree, but my worry is that i haven't seen mum and dad feeding this fledging but they are around.

i don't know what's happened to the other babies whether they have just left the nest.

not sure what to do...any advice please.

many thanks 

  • Do nothing...mum and dad will find them...they hide in the trees and undergrowth for up to a week being fed by mum dad. Its nature
    Some info on Blackbirds:

    The normal clutch size is 3-5. Larger clutches are laid in woodland than in gardens. The female incubates alone, and the chicks hatch 13-14 days later. Only the female broods the chicks, but both parents feed them. Chicks in gardens are fed on earthworms when they are available; woodland chicks are fed mainly on caterpillars.

    The chicks are ready to fledge at 13-14 days, but if the nest is disturbed, they can leave and survive as early as nine days old. This ability to fledge early is an important anti-predator adaptation. The young birds creep and flutter from the nest, and remain in nearby cover for the following few days.

    They are flightless at first, but within a week will have learned to fly. By this time, they begin to experiment with foods, learning by trial and error what is edible. As their skills and confidence grow, they begin to explore their parents' territory and range more widely. The young become independent three weeks after leaving the nest, and leave the natal area shortly after. They are not driven away by the male.

    Fledged young are often left in the care of the male, while the female prepares for the next nesting attempt. The last brood of the season is usually divided between the parents, with each adult taking sole care of some of the young.

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  • Firstly leave well alone and do not go near to the nest or the birds. If the young have left the nest the parents will be looking out for and after them and they will be feeding them, unless something has happened to one or both (been predated by another larger bird or cat). The babies will hop about the garden for a time and sit in th trees until they are ready to fly about. Secondly the noise you are hearing are the parents protecting the babies, they will sqwak away if a cat, animal, person look to them, to be too near their young. They can be quite aggressive and fly at you and over your head. I have experienced this with them and our wee cat. She has no interest in mum or dad and lies on the mat looking as if to say, what is all the commotion about!

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  • Looks like I was typing as you posted Linda!

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    We are both singing from same hymn sheet so all good Catlady

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