10x42 on a budget.

Hi, can anyone recommend a decent pair of binoculars for £200 or there abouts. I've been getting by with a pair of cheap (but very good) Uscamel 10x42's which are my preferred size. Any advice would be greatly received. 

  • Hi Peter,      with binoculars I think it's always best to find a shop where you can pick up several and try them out to feel if they are comfortable and suited individually to a person.    An idea would be to get maybe get a good quality pair of either ex-demo or 2nd hand if you have considered that as an option.    There are several reputable photographic/optical stores that sometimes have very good ones for sale.    Here's an example of what could be available with a bit of searching just to give you an idea but as I say, they are really best bought by trying them out first and getting a feel for what suits best;   good luck and hope you find a good pair for a good price.   


    Regards, Hazel 

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  • Hazy's right, Bins are very personal things & what's good for me may be terrible for you. For example, I can't get on with many Swarovskis, I much prefer the feel and ergonomics of Zeiss, even when trying out the most expensive options. It may be difficult short term to visit a shop that will allow you to try out various models, but that's really the best approach unfortunately. Remember to try them on a dull day as well, poor light will show up the benefits of good binoculars faster than anything


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    Whistling Joe said:
    I can't get on with many Swarovskis

    I'm the same WJ,    I use Leica Ultravid 8 x 42 and Mike has the Swarovski 8x42 which I find just don't suit me.   We tried both of them in store to make sure they suited our individual needs. 


    Regards, Hazel 

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    Thanks everyone for your feedback,yes I'd always try before I buy. Guess I'll have to wait until the shops are back to normal.
    Regards Pete.
  • Hi

    at around £200 Bushnell are worth a look:


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    I've also heard good things about Avalon pro HD's.