Which bird seed?

The birds in my garden are getting through 2 feeders full of seed a day at the moment (as well as other 'treats') but at least half of the seed is being tossed out onto the ground - mainly by the sparrows. I recently started buying wheat-free seed because I was told there was less waste but that doesn't seem to be the case. Any recommendations? 

  • Hi Whirleyshirls, I would just try sunflower hearts as most birds like those; often there is millet and other mixed seeds in the general mix and they can get left; you are right to avoid wheat content as I don't know many birds that eat them other than perhaps feral pigeons ! In summer months I would avoid fat products like fat balls, fat cake as they can go rancid during spells of hot weather and the birds really only need them during the winter months.


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    Thanks, Hazy. I'll give that a try. I'm still putting out fat balls at the moment but there's no chance of them going rancid as they disappear in a day!
  • Hi Whirleyshirls, I feed a premium bird seed, which has suet pieces, sunflower hearts and other mixed seeds, it all goes. They also get Niger seed, fat balls (mixed), peanuts ,sunflower hearts and it all disappears!

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    Thank you, Catlady. I thought I already had 'premium' seed - but then they all claim to be the best! - but it definitely doesn't have suet pieces in it. I'll have a look for one that does and try that in one feeder and sunflower hearts in the other.