Baby bird

While out on a walk we found a baby blue tit bird and it was upside down with no balance we took it home and we have tried to feed it we dont really know what to do or what is wrong with it can someone please help 

  • Hello Ingrid, really it is best to leave the young if you find them as the parents will be looking for them. IMO, It does not look very well and from you saying it was upside down with no balance, I think the chances of the wee one surviving anyway are pretty slim. As for feeding, it has to be fairly regularly, raw mince, mealworms, maggots, chopped into small pieces and fed with a tweezers, also give water via a dropper and keep the bird at hand warmth temperature. Good luck.

    Edit, sorry I should have said, the bird could have fallen out the nest, tree, bush, it could have been  attacked by another larger bird, or a ground predator or it may have been a sick bird to start with.

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