Baby house sparrow

Hi a cat in our garden had a baby house sparrow, when we walked towards the cat it dropped the bird and ran off, the bird doesn't look to bad, can still flap it's wings but not sure if it's too young to be able to fly. The cat is hanging around waiting for it's chance. We put it in with some paper towel and hamster bedding. Would should we do. It looks as though it may have hurt one of its legs but can't see any obvious injuries. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Sarah,  this young chick would probably still be being fed by the parent birds so not sure putting seed down would be much good.     HERE IS A LINK for contacting a local wildlife rescue centre in your local area;  there is also information about juvenile birds.    If you scroll down and click on the "map page" highlighted in green it should bring up a menu where you enter garden bird in the species box, then add your location and then it should produce a list of local help although not sure how many people can still offer help during this pandemic.       For the time being you could moisten some cat food (meat content not fish) and try it with that.      Good luck.


    Regards, Hazel 

    "Each kindness shown to birds or men is sure to flutter back again" 

  • Its leg looks mangled. I think it is probably one for the vet to put to sleep. As Hazy said, it won't be able to feed itself as it looks fresh out the nest. The food provided looks like duck or pigeon food. I would say it is suffering, incl from stress, so hopefully you can resolve asap.

  • Thank you both for the reply, a neighbor has a relative that's a vet so they have taken it there