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Hi everyone just a question regarding binoculars ! Having used a binocular with 9x40 specs for years i was gutted when they fell apart ! Like most people i went out and bought a pair of binoculars with a 10x40 spec ! They are clear but nowhere near as good as my old binoculars !Had these for around 5 years now and they are already dropping apart ! Having looked at several websites i seem to be directed toward a binocular spec of 8x56 . Does anyone out there have binoculars with this spec and if so are they ok for general birdwatching ?

  • Hi Steve
    You had a couple of replies on your earlier thread which I'll link here
    What sort of budget and make are you looking at and what make were your 9x40,s?

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    Alan. said:
    Hi Steve
    You had a couple of replies on your earlier thread which I'll link here
    What sort of budget and make are you looking at and what make were your 9x40,s?

    I thought for a moment my reply had disappeared, especially after the forum giving me an error message, so I wonder if Steve has had the same problem with his initial posting?


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  • Hi everyone been busy so only just had chance to catch up those old binoculars i cannot remember the manufacturers name but they were bought while on holiday in Devon they were the best binoculars i have ever had 9x40 seems to be a discontinued spec nowadays any search online comes up with either rifle scopes or second hand binoculars and only two of those !! I dont want to purchase a second hand set as you dont know the condition until they arrive by post then you have the hassle of sending them back if you can ! Regarding the 8x56 binoculars they range from around £120 upward am looking at medium range cost roughly around the £250 mark but depends on info received from people as to wether i buy that spec ! Have tried numerous 10 x binoculars but i find these are not as clear as my old binoculars ! Maybe i will end up calling at a shop to try out the 8x56 binos but if anyone out there uses a pair of these type i would appreciate feed back on the performance
  • just remembered those 9x40s where labelled as made by Ventura Naturalist . 9 x 40 wide angle 420 ft. at 1000 yrds! There was a set for sale on Oxfams website but they had been sold !
  • No worries Steve, we all get busy from time to time.

    I think it might be best to go to a reputable optics shop, have a look and try some binoculars and see how the feel and how good the opticals are.

    I can't advise on any one down in Devon, but if you can find somewhere like an RSPB Reserve with a full on visitor centre and shop, some do sell binoculars with good advisers to help you make the right choice.


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  • 8x56 sounds like quite a strange configuration for general birdwatching. You have a modest 8x magnification married to enormous (and therefore heavy) objective lenses. It'll be a case of full marks for image brightness but not good for carrying around or viewing more distant objects. Magnification of 8x will be fine for garden and possible woodland use but not a lot of use trying to identify a duck on the other side of a lake. My 25 year old 10x42s are still wonderful (if a little on the heavy side) and cover most eventualities. If you're happy with 8x magnification I can't think of any convincing reason to go above 40mm objective lenses.

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    is South West optics still open in Truro?


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