Garden Birds and feeding

I am lucky enough to have many different garden birds visit my garden. However this year I have at least 3 families of sparrows. I have counted 24 sparrows around the bird table and feeders at one time.  I have noticed that most of the other birds, tits wagtails robins wren etc have stopped coming to the garden. the sparrows seem to have bullied then away. I have stopped putting out bread in the hope that the other birds that feed from feeders on the nuts, seeds and sunflower hearts come back but the sparrows have got very clever at getting all the food no matter what container of feeder they are in. Is there anything else I can do to get my other birds back or am I being greedy wanting birds other than sparrows?

  • Hello Debbie, you are very lucky to have sparrows, many folks do not see them at all or very little. We have them. Bread should not be fed to the birds, especially to the young, it can swell in their insides. Stick to bird food. With so many sparrows about whatever you put out, they will still all come. Maybe try and place a few feeders in a different spot, or try with only a few out to start with. I have read that sparrows can be bullies and raid nests. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a variety of different birds in the garden, fingers crossed they will soon live in harmony with the others.

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