baby bird

Hi, I am new to this website, and the reason I have signed in, is that my tom cat Manson has brought a baby bird to my house last nite. The birdie is still alive and I have managed to keep the baby alive, at the moment I only fed him with sugar water. I am thinking getting a dog canned food and start feeding him with proper food, but I would really appreciate if someone could come bk to me and give me more guidance, or a place where people look after animals like this, where I could make sure he is safe. I will look after him no matter what (if he will pull through) , but if there is a place, I could perhaps bring him. thank you in advance

Regards Dagmara

  • Hello Dagmara - a wildlife rescue is his best chance. Try popping your postcode into Help Wildlife's rescue directory to see if there's a rescue near you!
  • In reply to RSPB Admin:

    thank you EmilyMB. I will re search to see if someone who has more experience can help. I will do my best to support him tho!
  • What species is it? Can you post a photo please?

    I know this keeps cropping up, and people keep coming back with Wildlife Rescue Centres, but realistically, there's every chance a mauled bird will be euthanased. Baby birds are best left with parents.

    As many mauled birds this time of year are youngsters who are not able to fend for themselves, vets and wildlife centres are being expected to care for birds that have a very bleak future as soon as human intervention occurs.

    The best long term solution is to limit the risk posed by pets by keeping pets away from wildlife, most especially at dusk and dawn.