Wood pigeon mating alternation

I have witnessed this five times in my garden - three times this weekend. There are two wood pigeons on a fence - pigeons A and B. They bill and coo and canoodle. Then pigeon A mounts B, feathers ruffled, and shakes about. This looks like copulation to me. Then A dismounts B and settles on the fence. Pigeon B then mounts A and repeats the performance, in just the same way. What is going on here? (I have 2 videos of it). 

  • Hi John welcome to the community..
    I've not seen that before so don't know what's happening other than I wonder if they are two males.
    They certainly don't sound rivals because Wood Pigeons wing slap each if they don' get on.
    To put the videos on here you need to upload them to Youtube first then link them on here, it saves data space on these servers.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Thanks. I don’t know how to upload a video to Facebook. Do I need an account?
    Could my local wood pigeons be gay?
    Thanks, John
  • Here's an instructional vid link John

    Looking forward to seeing your 'gay' Woodies! Lol


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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Here are two videos of this activity:
    The second one needs zooming in too. I took them on my phone and forgot to zoom in on the second.
  • Nice one John, they are certainly mating, you can tell with the tails moving to one side...maybe you have a gay pair lol.