Bird feeders

i have no garden unfortunately and recently bought a plastic feeder to stick to my main window. It has been taken over by pigeons; not something I thought would happen. Is there anything I can do to stop the pigeons and attract robins, tits, etc?

  • Pigeons are persistent blighters aren't they. The only thing I can suggest is wrapping that plastic covered garden wire about half way up around the feeder to see if that will stop them. It wouldn't deter small birds like Tits and Robins.
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  • Thanks Tony - I’ll see to that. My other concern is how to attract the smaller birds. Since I stuck the feeder to my window, I haven’t seen a bird come to it. Is there anything else I should be doing for robins, etc. I appreciate that windows are not the ideal surface to use, but there is only me in the room and I’m out at work a lot.
  • Our birds have a job with woodie's, they eat everything from pellet's to scrap's.  The starling's usually get in before they come along,while the robin, sparrow's & blackbird's clear up their mess.