Canon 7D Mk ll advice please.

I have become quite disenchanted with my EOS 600D, not least because of the slow autofocus!!

Having read past posts, and numerous reviews, I get the impression that the 7D Mk ll would be the way to go?? I quite like the idea of being able to use my existing lenses. Is it really worth the hefty price tag? I would be using it  for bird/wildlife photography.

Any advice would be most helpful.


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  • The 7D2 is definitely the fastest camera Canon sell and it's aimed at wildlife photography (unless you want to go for the expensive and heavy 1DX2 of course).  The AF in particular is light years ahead of the 600D - and it has it's own processor.  That means one processor worries about AF, the other can concentrate on everything else (ie taking the pic, converting & saving files etc).  You'll find the sensor is a step up too (less noise and so on) and the battery will last much longer.  Is it worth the money?  That's always a personal decision of course, but the functionality, capability and handling (ergonomics are much better than the 600D) make it a premium product in comparison.  The other possibility to consider would be the 80D.  Not as fast as the 7D2, but still much better than your 600D (and with later sensor tech than the 7D2).  Better ergonomics than the 600, not as good as the 7.  Cheaper price point with much of the functionality, though to be fair, pretty much all the newer bodies Canon's released recently have had improved AF.

    Given the choice of any of the Canon crop sensor bodies out there today, I'd personally still go for the 7D2 (for all the reasons above) - and that's based on actually having a 7D2, 80D & 700D in the house.

    However, left field question - if the AF is slow, are you sure it's not simply the type of lens you're using?  AF can be very slow if you're not using a USM or STM lens


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  • In reply to Whistling Joe:

    I agree with WJ Peter the 7d2 is a brilliant camera I've loved every second of using it.

    You might want to consider getting a used one I looked at Wex yesterday and you can get them around £900 in good condition.

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  • In reply to Alan.:

    Another thumbs up here for the Canon 7Dmkii    As Alan says, Wex have a couple of used 7D'mkii's in good condition and there is a special code of an extra £100 off if you want a new one (via Wex)


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    I also agree with everyone about the 7D2, Peter. I jumped up from a 500D and it's light years ahead. They’re also very, very sturdy. Mine looks like it’s been dragged through a hedge with multiple scuffs, scratches, and even a very small chunk of the body at the top (don’t ask). Still works fine and as Joe says, the autofocus is fantastic.

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  • In reply to Paul A:

    Take a look HERE Peter,  this site lists various stockists/prices for both new and 2nd hand,  mainly UK stock which I prefer  (although they do also have links to grey imports).


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    Short answer - Yes.




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    Thank you all very much, your advice is much appreciated. Off to chat my bank manager.

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  • In reply to Nissanman:

    Nissanman, and to the others, I've following advice and made a mental note, my next upgrade will need to be the 7D Mk2.

    However, if the bank manager isn't too forthcoming, I currently use the 750D, a nice budget camera, which I have to say is pretty damn good when using the Canon 18-55 or 75-300 lenses.

    It does seem a little slow when using the Sigma 150-600, but that could be me, not the camera, in that I need to zoom out to ensure the subject stays in view allowing the AF to lock on.

    Good luck and I hope you manage to get the 7D


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