How to post photos/videos on the forum.

With more people confused how to post photos i thought i would post this.

If anyone can only post one photo at a time by adding it as a file try going to your settings (at the top of the page)

Then click the advanced tab and make sure you have the content editor set to enhanced

Please note if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser and still cannot see the enhanced editor check your browser tools link and look for the compatibility view option and add the RSPB Community to the list.

If you have to alter the settings don't forget to click the save button

There is a 4MB size limit but most of us find it is best to keep under 2MB

You should then be able to follow these instructions

1 From your original post

Click the "insert media" icon

then click browse to find the photo on your PC.

ignore the size boxes

you should then see the file name in the browse box along with a green status bar.

wait till the status bar turns to a green "uploaded".

You should then see your photo in the large box

then click insert.

you should then see your photo

to add another photo to your post just click enter that will then put the cursor on another line and then follow the same method.

click the preview tab to make sure you see the photo

then click post (hopefully you should have posted your photo).

2 To add a photo to your exsisting post

Click the edit below your post

then follow the above procedure 1.

3 to post a reply/photo in an exsisting thread

click on the "use rich formatting" link

then follow No 1.

If for any reason the photos don't appear (which sometimes happens) all you need to do is edit your post and insert them.(touchwood lol)

To upload videos

First upload your video to youtube then while it's playing right click on the video and click the first link in the box.."copy video url" then it's the same process as uploading a photo but you use the fourth icon (film strip icon) and paste the youtube link into the box.

hopefully this makes sense

For anyone using an cannot upload photos direct to the forums but Lolly has come up with a method to link them from a Flickr is the same method you can use if you are on a PC and want to show your Flickr photos

lorraine r said:

On iPad I opened Safari.  In one window I had the rspb thread open where I wanted to paste the photo.  The next window I had the Flickr photo open.  On the Flickr page just above the photo I clicked the SHARE button which dropped down the HTML code/BBCode which I then selected and pressed copy.  I then went back to the rspb page where I then taped the screen and the icon paste appeared which I tapped and it worked.  The full code was pasted on to the rspb thread.

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks Lolly



  • It makes perfect sense, Doggie. The only thing I do different is I do use the size box for max width. If you do use the size box, there is not much point in making the max width more than 1024, and if you want a small photo for something like a smilie, then you must use it or your smilie will appear at the default 500 and take up the whole screen. LOL.

    Cheers, Linda.

    See my photos on Flickr

  • In reply to doggie:

    Just did all that except the preview bit - saw them there posted + then NONE!! ARRRGGGGHHH I give up!!

    'In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks'  John Muir.       

    Excuse wobbily dyslexic spelling!

  • In reply to osprey:

    Osprey, out of curiosity did you notice what size the cursor was when you tried to post the picture?

    Caroline in Jersey

    Cin J

  • In reply to Germain:

    No I didn't notice. But that said I didn't notice that it was different if that makes sense!!

    'In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks'  John Muir.       

    Excuse wobbily dyslexic spelling!

  • In reply to osprey:

    That's ok.  A couple of times when I have tried to create a new post I have found that the cursor has suddenly reduced in size part way through the post. It occurs on a new line.  If I post a picture at that time it will show up on the page but when I check on preview I then find that the text and picture where this change has happened is missing. Hope that makes sense  I usually delete that post and try again.

    Caroline in Jersey

    Cin J

  • In reply to doggie:

    .......  also, at the point near the beginning when you are ready to look for the 'browse box', I notice that the word 'insert' has to be really BLACK for it to work! before you click on it...

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    If only!. When I click browse  it seems to work I get to choose my image and then it takes me back to the screen with nothing in the box, and no error message. Its like I had never clicked browse Ive tried two different browsers and lots of patience.

  • In reply to Angela Needham:

    It is very odd. I have posted quite a few photos since joining the forum earlier this year and never, ever had a problem. It must be variations in people's browsers that causes this issue. I currently use Windows Explorer 9 to access this forum.

    My Flickr Photos

  • In reply to GeoDave:

    I agree. Its very odd. Ive uploaded photos onto various other sites OK. But I won't give up. Not least because I really want to have a nice avatar. I had selected a lovely Irish dipper. I photographed last year atTurlough , near Castlebar in Co.Mayo

  • In reply to Angela Needham:

    Angela, it sounds as if you may be on a rather slow broadband connection like me! I find when I've chosen my photo and return to the box, nothing is showing at first. If I wait for a few moments, the status bar appears and the process of uploading begins. It does take a while - I go and put the kettle on - the little bit of green begins to grow and eventually the magic word "uploaded" appears and I click insert!

    I've always put this down to the fact that because I live in a very, very rural area of NW Wales, and the telecommunications companies reckon we're all permanently out there doing things with the sheep. So they think we're not really going to know what a computer looks like and we don't need the modern kit people in urban areas need!! We have very outdated infrastructures and therefore slow connections or no connections!

    I don't really care as I have so very much more in my life than the sharp suited ****s that make decisions about us!

    A cup of coffee and a chance to watch my birds outside the window making the waiting worthwhile! LOL If it's dark, I have a book to read!

    It's one of the reasons I gave up watching telly. To get digital TV we'd have to build a pylon behind the house. I'm only going to get cross when they turn off analogue radio!

    Still, it's good to have a rant now and then!! Thanks!

    I'll go and get my wellies on now!


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