"Access denied" to Local Group website editing

I'm one of the Exeter LG website editors but both I and my co-editor have 'access denied' to the editing pages at the moment. When we've separately contacted the Web Enquiries email address we both get an out of office message from before Christmas 2019! Any suggestions re contact details would be welcome. Thanks
  • Have you tried ringing them 01767 680551 that's if anyone is back at work yet.
    Maybe a daft question but do you need to log in?

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  • In reply to Alan:

    Yes we do need to log in every time, but neither of our passwords are recognised. Hence the "access denied" messages. Thanks for the tel no but there's no-one there so I'll try the wildlife@ email address.
  • Have you tried going through the process of seeing if you can change your password via the forgot password link.

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  • Thanks but that's not a process that's available on the editing part of the website. Anyway we have at last heard back that there is a problem with the website and other Local Group editors are having access problems too, so it has been escalated.