Question for the IT team regarding Community Issues. 9 April 2019

Would it be possible to have a fixed thread for 2 way COMMUNICATION regarding  issues with the Community. 

On the 11 of March Elliiott said;

"I will look at what we can do to ensure we have a central place for this type of communication. I agree it would definitely simplify the collation of technical and experience issues within the community and give a focal point/destination for these types of things."

Surely it would be to everyone's benefit to have a fixed thread for 2 way Communication. 

Can you tell us  what progress is being made in fixing the current inability to respond to the last poster in a thread. Replying to posters and quoting from their threads has always been an integral part of Forums and it just seems so odd that this software is so unusable. It is quite interesting to see the many workarounds that users have come up with to get around this problem but really it is a basic component of every Forum that I have ever been involved in. 

It would also be very nice if you could Communicate with us and let us know which of the issues that have been reported over the last 6 months are under investigation and which have been discarded as not fixable. This kind of communication would, i am sure, ease quite a few frustrations. 




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