Pagham Harbour request

Be great if we could get a Pagham Harbour group setup. I am more then willing to help as I am already there quite frequently as part of the Welcome Team (weekends) and a Nature Guide volunteer. Also Roger has asked me for photos I've taken there over the past so there are many available.


(James Langiewicz) 

  • Jim

    I agree - there has been a Reserve page for Pagham for a while since the RSPB took it on, but no group exists on the community site - though if you do a site search, it comes up quite often. . 

    There have been blogs introducing Pagham, but posted under "volunteers" or "Expose on the South East".   

    I have handled a couple of queries in the forum about Pagham, from people visiting from outside the area.

    It would be useful to have a "home" for all of this.


    PS Believe I saw you at the Chichester Peregrines briefing last week.  

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    Yep, it was me ;-) looking forward to a wonderful season there, hopefully all eggs hatch and fledge

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    Hi mods, 

    Would you be able to get an answer on this please? 

    As you can see from the conclusion of this blog, there is likely to be a lot more news about Pagham Harbour later this year. The Medmerry realignment scheme involves the nearby reserve currently known as Bracklesham Bay.  South East Regional Office should be able to explain the proposed future setup. 

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    Hi again mods

    Any chance of an answer (or even an acknowledgement) to this request? 

    This new thread is further evidence that there is enough interest in Pagham, to justify having a Group.  

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    Hi all

    Sorry haven’t got back to you on this, just discussing it with relevant teams. Leave it with us.


    RSPB Mods

    Why not check out the news from the wildlife enquiries team?

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    OK thanks Tom.